Thursday, 20 August 2009

Artist Business Terms & Conditions

1. Opportunities for exposure.
Artists are frequently presented with "opportunities" from organisations that are only interested in furthering their own cause rather than creating a win-win. Some artists decide to negotiate better terms by agreeing a fair trade that gives them something more concrete than vague ‘exposure’. Always ensure that you get any agreements in writing.

2. Loaning work.
The lending of work to venues with a commercial objective for free is not respecting your practice as a professional. Giving your art away for free undermines your practice and does a disservice to those businesses that do purchase your art. The loan of art work should be on a rental basis.

3. Working with charities.
Charity loans of art work should only be given to genuine charities and non-profit groups that you want to support, however, giving a donation to that charity might be better than taking part in auctions where you will not receive your artist price for the work. You could try negotiating with the charity and offer the work for sale at market price with 30 percent going to the charity.

4. Publishing your work in books.
Before sending photographs of your work for publication in books negotiate a contract to ensure that you are paid fairly and credited. In the UK the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) help artists and visual creators receive recognition and reward for their work.

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