Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Professional Practice: Insurance

Mark Dion Sculpture Theft Not Insured

A public art project by US artist Mark Dion is in ruin following the theft of 21 bronze sculptures in February 2008. They formed part of The Tasting Garden, a public garden created in 1998 by Dion consisting of a series of pathways each terminating with a heritage-variety fruit tree and a plinth with a 2ft sculpture of the corresponding tree’s fruit. The theft took place from city-owned land but the insurance policy did not cover larceny (theft without force).

This unfortunate story is an important reminder for artists and curators to check the small print of contracts and insurance policies before agreeing to show the work. If necessary take out your own policy. Subscribers to A-N can buy reasonably priced off the peg or tailored policies to insure their work and studio contents. Go to

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